4 Things That You Are Overspending On By Not Pre-planning

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We are firm believers to the fact that eating the street foods and giving the local cuisine a try is the best way to get to know the core of any country or city. But, that doesn’t mean you have to throw caution to the wind. Yes, it’s true that to truly enjoy a vacation, you need to leave your diet at home. But not if it means you will be compromising with your health or setting yourself back in your road to achieve a certain body goal…

Do you feel you are overspending? Perhaps in a monthly base? If so, here are 4 things that people don’t realize they can spend less on with a little preplanning.

Your holidays and all that it involves

Whether you take a single holiday for the year, or indulge in several holidays every few months, your vacation time away from work and home is a very easily moment to overspend; particularly when you don’t do a little research and preplanning. Timing is important when booking flight tickets as well as reserving rooms at both normal and luxurious hotels. By booking it at the right time (say when it’s at it it’s cheapest, or when there are offers in it), you’ll find that you will have quite a bit of money left over for you to indulge on in the duration of your holiday.

Your daily groceries
Do you buy your groceries for the day on your way back from home? have you ever wondered if you are spending more on groceries than others do? Especially when you don’t see them rushing from work to grab their groceries…? Buying your groceries in a bulk can be a better option. Not only will you not be spending time and energy on grocery shopping everyday, but you get a better bargain on certain things (like flour or cereals) when you buy it in bigger pack. There’s also the fact that you local supermarket might give you a discount for buying a whole month’s food needs in a single day…!

Your battle suit
And by this we mean your special suit or outfit. You know, the one you you use for funerals, or interviews or even weddings. Everyone knows that bespoken suits and tailored shirts are always better than those “off the shelf” ones. This is because it is guaranteed to fit every line of your body; and inevitably ends up making you look very smart. Unfortunately though, if you want a good suit, you need to give it time. So get your suits made before you have a need for it; for if not, you’ll end up spending unnecessarily on a sloppily made off the rack suitwhich you might have to replace earlier than you think.

Your commute to work
Do you walk to work or take the public transportation? Do you drive yourself to work or have someone drive you to school? Any or all of these options may work great; but you can definitely spend less if you for a little preplanning. Rather than jamming up the streets; consider carpooling with a friend…saving money on gas for both parties if you take turns. Wakeup earlier so that you don’t miss your bus and have to spend on a taxi. Take up a better route or travel at a earlier time so you won’t use up as much gas or energy…

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